See the area of NOTAM on the map
The notam is drawn on the map depending on its coordinates. Inner color of area indicates the type of event (firing, PJE, UAV, etc.)
The border color is about the time of event (Red means notam is active now, green means it will be active in two hours)
Big Aeronautical database
notams.aero contains a lot of information for pilots. Prohibited areas, restricted areas, dangerous areas, parachute jumping areas, etc.
Airports, heliports, waypoints, VOR, DME, NDB, all active notams and METAR & TAF information for airports.
Flight recording and KML export
You can record your flight via this application. The application will record your coordinate (latitude and longitude), your altitude, speed and bearing information for each second.
At the end of flight record. It is possible to export flight information as KML file